The Eternal Future, the Eternal Past

Pokemon novelty is in the details. Generations come and go, new locations are introduced, hundreds of critters plague a new cave or a patch of grass and gimmicks are thrown to keep evolutions always fresh and unexpected. The Creators try to keep the game as fun as they can while respecting the lore that the Series has established. Bits (or huge chunks) of nostalgia can be found while exploring the Pokemon world, and while newcomers might find this unnecesary or even confusing, old players like me can identify with these efforts -some which bring a smile to my face on occasion-. The old games keep coming back, just like I go back to take yet another bite at the next pokemon league each time the occasion arises.

Probably no videogame franchise spends as much time expanding their past as the Pokemon series does. My take in the subject: To guarantee an eternal future you need an eternal past, a series of experiences worth remembering for the rest of your life.

In the Gen VI games, a new NPC dubbed the “Memory Girl” was introduced and it’s one of those defining characters that doesn’t affect gameplay or whatsoever. She pretty much serves as a speaking record of the activities your Pokemon have enacted with you since they came to existance or were caught in the wild.  Seriously hardcore stuff, she’ll remember if your pokemon ever used Surf or Fly! If you visited a certain place with them, if you used them to weaken a wild pokemon or if they fought a Gym leader. Your Pokemon shared these experiences with you and to fully immerse the players into the lore, the Pokemon will be a living proof of every adventure you took with them.

This blog? Is meant to be my very own Memory Girl. I’ll bounce back from previous adventures, challenges, breeding sessions and tournaments, all through my Pokemon memory, all for the pleasure of sharing the adventure with other players.

There is no (Sand) rush to go further today. I just wanted to get the introduction out of the way to get into the hot topics as soon as possible.



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