Do I like what I like?

There is no right way to play these games, do what you enjoy and stop when things begin to feel like a chore, follow your impulse, spend time discussing in the community, trade a lot, don’t be cheap and share your stuff. Only a handful of games are as open as Pokemon as how they can be played. If you get experimental you’ll notice exactly the kind of activity you enjoy in the game.

With so much to enjoy it’s important to know what you don’t like!! For example, many players will go lengths to explain that they don’t like playing with legendary pokemon and in the same vein, others find it boring to muscle through the games with high leveled pokemon. In competitive arenas you’ll find those who will disregard conventional good-stuff and try to run niche pokes whenever they can. These intuitive notions shouldn’t be important to you when they come from others, but you shouldn’t be too strict to apply them to yourself! I have come to recognize over time that is more enjoyable to balance things that are a bit meh with pokemon that are just awesome. It allows my pearls to shine even brighter when they do their thing.

Also, history has taught me that you can change your mind: some critters that truly disappointed me back when I first tried them are now among my mains. Other pokes whose style and typing I really like end up being more… Boring when I use them that some seemingly plain pokes that actually carry some moves that allow for more creativity. My all time favorites are a mixture of really flexible pokes, powerhouses and weird critters. When playing I go back and forth from one style to the other.

I  just pretty much finished a solo Pokemon run with Crujita (my Corsola) and while the experience was fun, I was left wondering what I liked about my poke… The abilities, sure (Regenerator is powerful, Hustle is fun), the looks are certainly handsome, but the move pool is sort of barren and doesn’t work for a variety of playstyles. Despite me liking the Poke a lot is an odd choice for a solo run, because it’s the kind of poke you run as support or that needs support to be throughly effective. Leave alone the fact that two of Corsola’s abilities activate when switching out and you don’t switch out with a single Poke 😀

So I kind of got literaly locked into my choice because I was so fixed in the cool parts of my critter.

I would probably still run Corsola in a two-pokemon run though.


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