Favorite flavor?

Factoring all the nostalgia related to the Pokemon games and its franchise as a whole, it’s really hard to set appart my personal history and my overall taste for the critters in the games. By this I don’t mean that there should be an objective feeling about the Pokemon experience, it’s just that it makes me feel a bit biased about some of my opinions, because as much as you play this games you never play them entirely in all the ways that you could.

For example, it’s difficult to me to talk about my favorite things without aknowledging that my opinion has changed over time. The type that I like the most wasn’t originally the one that I found the most appealing and my favorite Pokemon jumped into the fray in 2007 and even then my attachment to it didn’t happen overnight. Of course my activities have shifted quite a bit since my first Pokemon adventures (without these changes maybe I’d have abandoned the games long ago).

But this differences that could be explained by some psychological evaluation or some sort of maturity cap can also be linked with how the mechanics of the games have changed. Among my least favoring typings you have Dark and Steel, both which came into the game the latest among the long-running types. By the time Fairy rolled around my take into how to play the games was vastly different and the difference was quite welcomed (to me it never felt like a random novelty). There is a combination between me changing how I enjoy the games and how the series itself has changed. It’s hard to account for everything at once and (at least for me) it’s impossible to remain attached to the exact same thing in the long run.

So in my mind I can only describe these things as how they happened over the years, with each generation and considering my personal investment in the games. Only then I can really talk about favorites, because even pokemon who had lacking designs at some point have been blessed with interesting in-game mechanics over time. And of course, I’ve only played with a fraction of all the pokemon you can catch in these games and only they have been, for an extended period of time, my partners in crime (partners in time?).


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