Newer Gens done right!

The Gen VII reveals so far, without going into spoilers territory about them, are clearly leaned towards the initial roster of the original Gen I games. It makes sense to introduce big changes through the most established figures in the series, but it also closely sticks to the current venture of cashing in nostalgia by exploiting the successes of childhood with a new spin that is not necessarily as appealing as the originals. This evidence is bound to come up sooner or later, as it happened for the Pokemon Go craze.

I wrote a few entries clarifying that most of my favorite critters appear in the later generations. I’m an old school player but I appreciate the new spins that the game has achieved over the years, I also think that the technology has pushed visual design into a neat direction so Pokemon looks like itself despite the many platform shifts. But for me, new pokemon deserve a time in the spotlight precisely because they don’t carry as much baggage and transformations as their elders: they end up feeling used up and one dimensional much more quickly. In my opinion Gen VI did a good job at paying attention from the new pokes. Will Gen VII manage to do the same?

It’d be a shame if it wasn’t the case! Spin-off games have been spot on in how to balance interest between new and classic Pokemon. Pokemon Shuffle has you start with the Kanto Starters and Pikachu, but they also throw Espurr in there for good measure. In Pokken Tournament we have every generation represented mixing Legendary Pokemon, Starters and regular Pokes (including preevolutions!) into the roster. In both games Megas are a very relevant mechanic and it remains inter generation friendly thanks to the fact that the original games respected the distribution of megas among pokes from all time.

Pokemon Go went Regigigas on us and only featured the Kanto critters in release. They have, however, declared that Pokes from newer generations will be featured in the game before Legendaries, so the latter can feel fresh and impressive by the time they are released (Mesprit needs all the gimmicks he can get to be impressive :p ). For the time being I’ve decided to ignore Pokemon Go (read: my phone sucks too much to run it), but I’ll probably jump into it when the Hoenn Pokes are introduced, because in that generation enough of my favorite Pokes are available for it to be appealing for me. No Megas have been released on Pokemon Go so far though, so they will probably dance to their own tune for a while, they have the playerbase to do what they want.


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