Going Mental

Welcome to the Psychic Week! We’ll be discussing the original type powerhouse that went to become one of the most multifacetic types of all times! When you think about Psychic the first thing that might come to your mind is Mewtwo, which essentially makes this typing one of the most used for advertising -Mew, the first event pokemon was also psychic type!

In the original games the Psychic typing was very present and incredibly relevant, but it would fade away from mainstream battling in each passing generation, surviving basically through outstanding representatives that for most part could fend themselves properly without that typing at all (think Latios/Starmie). When it all started being a Psychic type was a great blessing: it was resisted only by itself which guaranteed neutral damage on most of the cast , it gave you access to a powerful and reliable STAB move with good distribution (also named Psychic) and came with no resistances at all, as Ghost was badly coded and Bug has pretty much no offensive presence back in the day. It was still a quite mediocre when it came to defense back then and it only got worse.

Then the nerfs hitted Psychic types hard: two types were introduced and provided proper defense against the previously neutral offensive Psychic provided. Dark was both inmune to it and able to hurt it bad, a silver bullet of sorts against Psychic, Steel was much more versatile but also hurted conventional Psychics by blocking the viability of most coverage moves. Psychic/Fighting coverage would be perfect if not for Ghosts, so the offensive trifecta for most Psychic types would be Shadow Ball/Focus Blast/Psychic (or Psychoc). But there was no such saving grace for Psychic when it came to taking hits: Dark and Bug got Pursuit and U-Turn respectively, which were excellent moves even when used for neutral damage and came with the advantage of making most Psychic types irrelevant overnight.

But one thing has been consistently good for Psychic type lovers: the expansive movepool that Psychic Pokemon have is unmatched! Combine great offensive options (in both STABs and coverage) with unique support moves and you get the best of both worlds in a single package.

Well, that’s our introduction for you! Next I’ll be discussing about the looks and the flavor of Psychic. See you soon.


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