Countdown to Sun/Moon

In about two months the Seventh Generation of the main Pokemon games will be released which leaves us with a good number of weeks to discuss the reveals, rumors and to set our expectations to the things to come. The reason for me to discuss about Sun and Moon this early is because the first demo for the game will be revealed in less than two weeks and the community will very likely datamine it in order to pull extra information. So this is as good a time as any to give you my opinion on spoilers and reveals that happen before a new game in the series is launched.

Let me start by saying I’m very hyped about the upcoming games. When you’re an old time Pokemon fan like me there is always a nagging feeling about each generation straying from the elements you love about the series, you always wonder which game will finally “kill” your interest for Pokemon or at least diminish it low enough so you barely try the newer games, There are always a number of red flags that appear from time to time that can damage my interest in the series pretty badly: the lack of connectivity with older games by physical means is one of those (and don’t get me wrong, I love Pokebank as a service but I’m annoyed at the prospect of it closing down permanently and leaving us without means of communicating with older Gens). But all things considered my interest in the Pokemon games remains untouched, I still spend many hours in the games both old and new, feeling that I’d like to do more stuff than I’m currently doing as there are still many fun things to do.

So I’m interested in these games but I can’t care about the rumors. The Pokemon Company has a decent control over the information that gets leaked, I mean, there are always a number of accurate leaks that appear early on, but without the right perspective it’s impossible to figure out everything even when you have the data in hand. Mega Rayquaza was leaked back when the ORAS games were datamined, but the people who got the data scanned the system for a Mega Stone that didn’t exist, which left them wondering if the game was getting an update of if Mega Rayquaza had been dropped from it! They couldn’t figure out in advance that there was a different method to obtain that one Mega. So leaks always include a bit of guess work and research that only is fully covered when we see the whole picture. For me the content of rumors can be interesting but the obsession people have about them is numbing. We have had NX rumors for years now! People are trying to predict the system’s gimmick, its architecture, who is making games for it, whether is a handheld console or not, etc. These are people who are too eager to fetch rumors left and right but will not care all that much about the product when it’s released. They are information junkies, they want to know before everyone even if the final content is not appealing to them at all, they get mad because things aren’t revealed at a faster pace because they are obsessed with getting their speculation running… And that’s a culture I don’t tolerate. For Pokemon there are people who were equally passionate about certain topics on Gen VII but they delved to the point of irrationality because they had their sights into a certain speculation being truth over some other.

Of course, there is also some information that runs through the official channel and it’s controlled by the Pokemon Company, these “spoilers” of sorts are meant to build hype for the upcoming games and introduce new mechanics/critters. Frankly, we have had a ton of these over the last year, even a few that were pretty underwhelming. But others are very important, we will enter into the games knowing the basics of how Z-Moves work thanks to this previous information. Newcomers to the franchise might not be able to digest exactly the rules of these mechanics, but for those like me who care about the strategic side of things and are looking for a challenge it’s good to have previous considerations on how we will use these options in our movesets, in-game challenges and future trades. And this is the kind of information I’ll be reviewing in the upcoming days, discussing my opinion on things we have seen and trying to guess if Gen VII is heading into the right direction for me.

Stayed tuned!


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