The Two Attacks Challenge

Most of the time I run through my new pokemon games through challenges. My first runs is often a classic nuzlocke because I find them specially tricky when you ignore what will come next. So while I’m doing that in Pokemon Moon, I want to do a very different challenge in Pokemon Sun.

For that run I have decided to play a more cautious slow challenge, in order not to catch up with my nuzlocke one. I’ve settled in a variant of my 1 Move Only run from Omega Ruby that went through these main rules:

– When you catch a pokemon, you have no select one of it’s moves and he will only use that one.

– When a Pokemon and a Move are selected, no other Pokemon can select those moves and that same species cannot be caught again.

– Permadeath on (a species lost cannot be recaught, same for moves carried by that pokemon).

– Pokemon cannot evolve.

– At any point in time, if I’m wiped out, the challenge ends.

My goal in this challenge was to scout every route for good moves and decent pokemon improving through extensive knowledge of each route. Pokemon could not evolve because that way I would be inclined to change my Pokemon roster often.

But of course, the 1MR had its limitations. You were pretty much forced to run strict offensive moves, as powerful as possible and preferably STABs. With coverage and status being non-existant the challenge devolved into a showing of power.

So in order to sort out those difficulties I’ve settled into a 2 Move Run, which will be a slight variant of the previous one. The new rules would be as follows:

– When a Pokemon is caught you choose two of its moves (if there are at least two free moves). You cannot use any moves not included in that two moves list.

– When a Pokemon is caught or a move is selected, those cannot be used again for other Pokemon.

– Permadeath on (Pokemon and moves lost cannot be reused).

– Pokemon cannot evolve unless a previously caught Pokemon is released (the species and the move it had remain locked), then you can evolve one level through any possible means available for you in game (stones, trade, etc.).

– Pokemon might be able to switch one of its active two moves once by releasing a previously caught Pokemon. The move must be a level up move obtained through basic level up (no move remembering allowed).

– At any point, if I’m wiped out, the game ends.

My goal with this new challenge is to have a more flexible and long lasting team, that can use a number of effects to keep me from becoming just a “spam power” runner by the end of the game. I still can’t evolve pokemon freely, but I want to have the option to get trade evolutions in-game, because in the nuzlocke those aren’t available.

I’ll keep you posted in how this challenge goes, hopefully it will be a fun one!


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