This is not about Competition


2016 was the year in which I’ve succesfully bred the most Battle Ready pokemon of all my career. There were two main reasons for this: Having finished my Pokemon Y game a very long time ago I could devote a lot of time to breeding (with the easy Gen VI breeding mechanics on top of that) and Game Freaks lauched a series of tournaments based in each of the Pokemon regions, mixing this up with interesting combat rules and prizes that gave them extra appeal. By the end of the year I had a small army at my disposal focused in vastly different combat styles.

By the same token, I spent a lot of energy breeding Pokes the weeks before each tourney, focusing on adding more threats to my roster. This was kind of stressing because after this effort I felt compelled to do good in the tournaments and I continued breeding because I wanted to keep doing good. I loved training each member of my team and it was really fun, so I wanted to keep this as a tradition for newer generations… But this was easier said than done.

I still haven’t finished either of my games, this is both because I’m a slowpoke who loves to extend the adventure and because other games and activities pull me off rushing the Pokemon games. This means that at this point I still don’t have access to proper Battle Items (no Choice items, no Assault Vest) and that my ability to breed is rather handicapped. So my natural inclination at this point, in any other pokemon game, would be to skip compétitions and try to trade for proper events in future games.

And then Game Freaks had the great idea of distributing Mega Stones through Online Compétitions.

If you follow my train of thoughts you’ll notice that by skipping competitions by lacking of battle items you end up lacking more battle items. This will only get worse and worse as times goes by and me being a fan attached to Mega Evolutions I certainly did not feel like missing these prizes. So I had to bite the bullet… And I’m participating unprepared and meeting lousy results.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I’m playing now with two games instead of one so I’m consistently playing (and often winning) the same amount of games (or more) than I used to last year. I’m playing in both games because Pokebank doesn’t let you trade items, so I’m locked with getting all the megastones in both games in order to avoid pestering my friends to trade me some. At this point you probably realized that this setting is less than ideal and doesn’t make me feel very satisfied of my record… Half-assing Pokemon battles is not my thing and I don’t want to be forced to play the games faster because of some Pokemon Company dictate.

On top of that the format of the recent competitions aren’t as interesting as those in the past year, but that’s kind of a good thing because it doesn’t bother me nearly as much to do average showings on them, nor to go in with lack of preparation and knowledge about the format.

In my next entry I want to go a bit deeper into my experience of the two part tournaments, which inevitably will have a lot of complaints about items and the timing of the competitions, but also just some recollections of fun activities in Pokemon. The point of playing is not to be bitter about it after all 😀


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